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Ninja Chip Studios Pvt. Ltd is a video game development team, comprised of a passionate team of programmers and artists.

Established in 2012 by Miriam Rauschert and Abhishek Chaturvedi, our studio aims to create games with the same excitement and attention to quality we grew up enjoying.

While we are presently focusing our development efforts on the Windows PC and Android platforms, we aim to eventually branch out not just into other systems, but also other media formats.

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Ninja Chip Studios Concept Art Ninja Chip Studios Concept Art Ninja Chip Studios Concept Art

Meet the Team

Abhishek Chaturvedi

Project Leader, Art Director, Writer and Game Designer

Abhishek Chaturvedi studied theater and photography in New Jersey, animation in New Delhi, and art and writing along the way. After a few years of working as an illustrator, animator and writer, he left to pursue his true passion – game development. 

To that end, he founded Ninja Chip Studios, and heads up illustration and 2D animation.

Miriam Rauschert

Miriam Rauschert

Lead Programmer, Writer and Game Designer

A love for storytelling and creating fantasy worlds drew Miriam to game modification in highschool. It remained a hobby while she pursued her undergraduate degree in History and Classical and Early Christian Studies. But sometime near the end of her studies she came to the realization that she actually liked the logic of code, and she went on to get her Masters in Computer Science from the University of Illinois.

Ninja Chip Studios was founded during her transition from game modification to game development. In addition to developing games, she also dabbles in web development and is inordinately attracted to shiny objects.

Eeshan Chaturvedi

Eeshan Chaturvedi

Business Management

Eeshan spent several years in the UK , earning a degree Accounting and Finance at the university of Essex.  As part of the Ninja Chip team, he helps the artists deal with non-artists. He spends the rest of his time wondering what he did in his last life to be surrounded by so many crazy people.


Perilous Possum

Audio Development

Behind every sound in Acorns Above! A World Gone Nuts is Perilous Possum. Ninja Chip Studios is proud to work with this audio consultancy group.

Perilous Possum specializes in music management and consultancy, working with a wide range of stakeholders in the music industry. Their goal is to develop the music industry in India with professional level execution at international standards. Check out some more of their work here!

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