Project: Elysium

Sworn to serve,
Condemned to die
Returned by Fate
To witness the end…

Project: Elysium is an upcoming action role playing game (ARPG) set in the final days of an ancient empire. As a former shaman acolyte, you must gather the last of your people in a final stand against a terrible foe. Through the struggles ahead, you will decide the fate of an entire civilization in a universe plunged into chaos!

    • Explore a dark and foreboding world: Trapped in a crumbling city with malevolent forces, your adventure will take you to the deepest pathways of ancient city of Kamesh. Discover the secrets of an Emperor's sins as you lead the last of the mahin to salvation or a final end!

    • Wield the magic of the Komthahl: Devastate your foes with the power of the elements. Scorch them with deadly flames, control the environment with stone walls, create pathways of ice, and more!

    • Mark your path with ancient runes and arcane signs: Perform magic rituals to imbue yourself with long lasting powers, or ward areas against the enemy. But be warned! Even the slightest of mistakes can lead to disastrous ends. 
A Kahmidar captain pushes forward!
  • Live by the sword: An armory of bronze age weapons are at your disposal. Wield the deadly falcata, brutal war hammers, lances and other arms of a bygone era to slash, smash and skewer your enemies! Face them up close, or throw your weapon at your foe to end them rightly!

  • A reactive world:  Furniture burns, walls crumble, and smoke thickens the air as you fight your way through the haunted city. 

Project: Elysium is currently in development. Stay tuned for more news!