Acorns Above: A World Gone Nuts

Three years ago, C.A.F Satellites detected a wormhole just outside the solar system. Now, a fleet of Space Squirrels has emerged, intent on destroying all that we hold dear. Diplomacy has failed us (we may not have tried it). Chipmunks, we must unite!

You will take your place as one of the foremost pilots in our fleet of planes, spaceships, and submarines. You will face the squirrel menace where-ever they challenge us. Defend our territory, destroy the enemy bases, and gather those acorns! We will take the battle to them!

Prepare for flight, prepare for battle, and prepare for a World Gone Nuts!

Acorns Above: A World Gone Nuts is a top down shooter game for PC and Android. Buy it today!

Acorns Above on Steam

PC Version

Acorns Above on Google Play

Android Version

Acorns Above - Fly over land, space, and sea

Distinct Environments

Fly and fight across fifteen levels set in distinct environments. Recover acorns in the skies of our world, take out enemy bases in space, and rescue downed chipmunks in the deep seas.

Acorns Above - Evil Space Squirrels

Fight the Squirrel Menace

Face off against the evil Space Squirrels and their Red Fleet of conquering star ships, submarines, planes and robo-turrets! Take the fight to their bases and into the heart of their massive battle cruisers as you defend the rest of rodent kind!

Acorns Above - Earn Promotions

Upgrade your Craft

Victory will be rewarded! The more enemy planes you take down, the better your craft gets, from the humble Furwing and Astronut, to the dreaded OMG-111!

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