Infiltrating AnimeCon!

Tiny announcement to make here. First off; we’ll be releasing a small teaser trailer for Aeon: Elysium at AnimeCon India next week (and we may be holding a small talk on the art production pipeline for game development). So, if you’re in New Delhi between the 17th to 19th this month, you should stop over! Details of the event can be found here:   In other news; we’re hard at work on the next alpha build. Other than polishing and adding to the spell system and cleaning up the physics anomalies reported in the last couple of months, we will be introducing part of the melee combat system, which we’ll discuss over the next couple of weeks. Additionally, this alpha will feature a level from the main campaign. Also, PICTURES! Screenshot 2014-10-11 03.04.51 Screenshot 2014-10-10 18.03.58 Screenshot 2014-10-11 02.47.50