Aeon: Elysium Spell Casting Demo

SplashScreen Horizon The Pre-alpha Spell Casting Demo is now available! With this build, you’ll get a peak at one of Aeon: Elysium’s core game play mechanics: the elemental channelling system. Bear in mind, this is a pre-alpha. Everything you see is an early work in progress of a select few game play mechanics, along with some placeholder assets. The level will also not deal with the storyline, nor is it likely to feature in the main game in its current form. With that said, we invite you to play the game and discuss your impressions, ideas and suggestions over at the forums. To access the Pre-Alpha: – Register on the site (via the little register link on the right of the screen, or here) – Log in! – After logging in click this link to be taken to the super secret Aeon:Elysium forums – Follow the instructions to download the Spell Demo Have fun. 🙂