Acorns Above has been Greenlit!

Acorns Above Greenlit on Steam

Two days ago we got a surprise email from the guys over at Valve. In big bold letters, we read the following: “Your title, Acorns Above: A World Gone Nuts, has been Greenlit!”

That’s right! The chipmunks are flying over to the Steam store!

We are extremely pleased, and very grateful to everyone who participated in the voting process. A big thank you also to Valve, for their vote of confidence in our game! We are working on settling the final release date as we get the PC version of Acorns Above: A World Gone Nuts ready for the Steam Store.

Stay tuned, and again, thanks to everyone who helped make this possible!

Curious About Acorns Above?

Acorns Above is a top down shooter game featuring chipmunks in planes, spaceships, and submarines. Take to the skies to defend the Chipmunk Homeworld from the Squirrel menace from outer space! Through the course of fifteen levels, your brave pilot will face off against the Squirrels in the skies, space, and under the seas. Defend the chipmunks, gather the acorns, and fly to victory!

To find out more about Acorns Above: A World Gone Nuts follow the link here, or check out our gallery.

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