Feature Test Coming Soon!

Having spoken a bit about the lore behind Aeon: Elysium, it’s time to discuss some things about the game itself. Let’s start with something shiny: magic! There are two main categories of magic in Elysium: Elemental Channelling and rituals. By the end of August, we’ll have a demonstration ready for the former, so we’ll go into that part for now. this one Elemental Channelling is the most direct form of magic. As the name suggests, channelling feats allow you to manipulate the elements around you. For instance, if you are near a blazing brazier, you can direct the flames into your palm and shape them into a powerful fireball, ready to be flung at your soon to be crispy foes! Massive walls of earth can be pulled from the environment, providing cover against attacks or even being used as a make shift elevator, while powerful, cyclonic gusts of wind can hurl objects around you at the enemy. These will be but a few of the devastating forces at your command. By the end of August, we’ll be giving you a chance to try your hand at elemental channelling in a feature test build. Set in the proving grounds of the Komthahl Academy, you’ll learn the ins and outs of three forms of elemental magic before challenging an opponent for your final test! To be clear: – This is NOT a beta, alpha or early access build. It is a feature test to demonstrate part of the magic system using in progress assets. – Players who partake in the Feature Test will need to register on the forums. We’ll open the Feature Test specific form later, but feel free to register now and let us know if you have questions or wish to voice your own ideas before August 30th!