March to Kamesh! Project: Elysium Alpha Test Coming Soon

As promised during IGS 2019, we’ve been preparing an alpha test for Project: Elysium. Those of you who registered during the show (or otherwise) will soon have a chance to step into the Aeon Universe, and experience a single level covering the network of crypts under the city of Kamesh!

The pre-alpha will cover the following;

  • A look at the elemental magic system.
  • The basic workings of the ritual magic system
  • Melee combat
  • Early tier enemies
  • A large, atmospheric level set early in the game.

The primary purpose of the build will be to test out our core game play concepts, ease-of-use of the User Interface, and to give you a  taste of what’s to come. As such, we welcome any and all feedback that can be provided to us.

Those who registered with us will be contacted shortly regarding the alpha date, and method of distribution. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Interested in joining the Project: Elysium Alpha Test? Sign up now!

Alpha Testers will get the first look at the custom magic and combat systems of Project: Elysium, as well as the chance to give feedback on the game and its systems.

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