Acorns Above: A World Gone Nuts Gameplay Video

More footage has been leaked from C.A.F. carriers; this is what you can expect in A World Gone Nuts. View the latest gameplay video for Acorns Above now!

Now we won’t lie to you, its tough out there, Chipmunks! But are you going to let those Bushtail Scum steal our acorns?

New Graphics

Since the first trailer, we’ve tweaked a few of the graphics. In this gameplay video, you can see our new spaceship designs showcased in the first Space level. In the second episode of Acorns Above: A World Gone Nuts the chipmunks venture into space to take the fight to the evil squirrels. The first task? Take down the squirrel space station so that the chipmunk fleet can make it to the squirrel home world!

Now we’ll let you in on a secret. . . originally, all the assets of Acorns Above: A World Gone Nuts were 3D models. As we’ve continued development, however, we’ve come to realize that we can achieve a better look (and go easier on your computer or phone) with 2D sprites. Can you tell that the ships aren’t 3D?

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