Acorns Above on Steam Greenlight!

Acorns Above: A World Gone Nuts is now on Steam Greenlight! The chipmunk pilots are one step closer to taking flight on the PC.

But with the game nearing completion, the chipmunks need your vote NOW! Follow the link on the right to help us put Acorns Above: A World Gone Nuts on Steam Greenlight!

About Acorns Above

Acorns Above: A World Gone Nuts is a top down shooter game. In Acorns Above you take the role of a chipmunk piloting an aircraft (or submarine, or spaceship!). You will. . .

* Fly and fight across fifteen levels set in distinct environments. Recover acorns in the skies of our world, take out enemy bases in space, and rescue downed chipmunks in the deep seas.

* Face off against the evil Space Squirrels and their Red Fleet of star ships, submarines, planes and robo-turrets! Take the fight to their bases and into the heart of their battle cruisers as you defend the rest of rodent kind!

* Blast across levels with TURBO SPEED, dodging bullets and zipping away from enemies. Just don’t run into any walls!

* Victory will be rewarded! The more enemy planes you take down, the better your craft gets – from the humble Furwing and Astronut, to the dreaded OMG-111!

Acorns Above, Steam Greenlight Acorns Above, Steam Greenlight Acorns Above, Steam Greenlight

Want to find out more? Read more about the game here or view our gallery here.

Acorns Above will be released for PC and Android in 2017.

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